Diversity and Inclusion

Building a More Inclusive Tech Community

At Codemotion, we are committed to promoting diversity and creating an inclusive space within the technology industry and our community. For us, ensuring equal opportunities and representation is not just a value, but a concrete responsibility.

We aim to provide free conference tickets to individuals who face disadvantages or exclusion due to factors such as gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, or economic status.

The Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship is committed to ensuring that everyone feels welcome to attend the Codemotion Conference. Through these scholarships, we offer the opportunity for recipients to attend the event, share their experiences, and contribute their unique and invaluable perspectives.
Tickets will be allocated based on a combination of need and impact. All applications will be kept confidential.
To request a diversity ticket, simply complete the form below by April 15, 2024. The award recipients will be announced by April 24, 2024. For updates you can sign up for our free newsletter, the winners will be notified by email.
Calling all Businesses: Become a Diversity Sponsor!

A big thank you goes out to the amazing companies that help us financially to carry out the program in order to constantly improve the tech ecosystem.  If you are a business interested in supporting this initiative, there are two ways to get involved:
  • Financial Contribution: You can contribute any desired amount to fund the program.
  • Diversity Sponsorship: Become a diversity sponsor for one of our conferences and enjoy benefits such as name recognition, logo placement, a customized media kit, and the ability to feature ticket recipients in your own communications
Contact us for more info about becoming a Diversity Sponsor!
Our Diversity Sponsors
Together, let's make an impact on the tech community!
  • What are the criteria for awarding tickets?

    Tickets are limited and subject to availability. We consider factors such as motivation to participate, representation within the tech industry, economic need, and contributions to diversity and inclusion.

  • How can I best fill out the application?

    We take the selection process very seriously and carefully evaluate each application. Each person who applies, regardless of whether he or she is selected as a scholarship recipient or not, will be notified of the status of the application via email in the time frame indicated above.


    Please fully answer all questions, including the non-mandatory ones. We aim to support those who genuinely need these scholarships. You may complete the form in either Italian or English.

  • How many scolarships can I apply for?

    Each person can receive one scolarship per year.

  • What does the scholarship fund?

    The scholarship funds only and exclusively the conference ticket. The latter is valid only for the day of the conference and in the specified manner (in attendance). It does not guarantee access to courses or workshops on the days before or after, unless you find this option present in the list of proposed events.

  • How is it possible to implement this program?

    The program that funds the scholarships would certainly not be feasible without the support from sponsors and contributors who firmly support and believe in this initiative every year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at
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