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21 - 22 MAY 2024 | MADRID

We’ve closed the curtains on our two-day tech adventure.

Thank you all and see you soon! 

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Kinépolis, C. Edgar Neville, 28223 Madrid, Spain
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Attending as a group?
Check out our special rates!

 Groups of 3 to 5

  139€  125€ per ticket

Groups of 6 and more

139€  115€ per ticket

Prices excl VAT
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Some of the topics we explored 

The LPU and LAM Era: accelerating AI beyond conventional boundaries

Construyendo una startup en 10′ con AI

Puntos clave en el desarrollo de un modelo de Inteligencia Artificial

Why your MVP needs an SRE from day one

Mastering Recompositions in Compose

Azure AI Studio: Creando nuestro propio Copilot

Atomic Programming Habits

Ego lang: Creando un lenguaje de programación con Rust

Construyendo frontends robustos

WebXR? Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality natively on browsers

From Silos to DevOps to Platform Engineering: embracing GitOps and going behind the hype

What you need to know about Core Web Vitals

19 micros y 500 lambdas

…and many more! Thanks to our fantastic speakers!

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