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Håkon Wium Lie created Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) while working with Tim Berners-Lee at CERN in 1994. As CTO of Opera Software he ensured that CSS could be used in many types of devices. He is the chairman of YesLogic, which makes the Prince CSS-to-PDF formatter. He has planted an apple orchard in his native Norway, and also owns a pipe organ workshop there.
Scott Chacon is the cofounder of GitHub; now cofounder of GitButler, a next generation version control client, based in Berlin. Scott helped grow GitHub from 4 cofounders to 450 employees over 8 years, eventually being acquired by Microsoft for $7.5 billion. Scott is also the author of Pro Git, published by Apress and found online at git-scm.com.
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Some years ago, I collaborated in the development of the first Italian challenger bank - Hype. Then, I co-founded an ecommerce SaaS startup and, as CTO, I built our distributed system and a remote-only development team. Lately, after the startup acquisition, I joined Axerve to build the next fintech thing. My React book has just been published in March 2023.
Andrea is a software engineer with a broad experience in several industries ranging from e-commerce to industrial automation, from public administration to Web TV / music. His interests are in algorithms, data and AI.
ICT professional with over 20 years experience in software design and development and project management. His insane passion for videogames brought him to be well known through the italian and international game developer communities. He is also leader of Roma Game Dev community, organizing dedicated meetups and the famous Global Game Jam. He is CTO and Game Developer Content manager of Codemotion
I'm a software developer at ToffeeAM, an open source lover, and a Schrodinger Hat contributor. In my free time, I also love participating in meetups and conferences.
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Sr UX Designer, currently developing valuable experiences at King. She has also collaborated with companies such as Dell Technologies and CaixaBank. Carolina specializes in creating digital solutions and applying innovative techniques to solve complex problems.
I'm a software developer very interested in good practices, architecture and testing. I work at Autentia as a frontend developer with technologies such as React, Vue, Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc. I'm continuously on the lookout for things to read, learn and share.
I'm a Microsoft 365 Architect and I'm passionate about frontend technologies and everything related to the cloud, especially Microsoft Azure. I share my love for technology through my blog https://www.emanuelebartolesi.com. Since 2014 I'm Microsoft MVP in the Developer Technologies category. I am a GitHub Star since 2022.
Erick Wendel is an active Node.js core committer, Keynote Speaker, and professional educator. He has given over 100 tech talks in more than 10 different countries worldwide. He was awarded as a Node.js Specialist with the Google Developer Expert, Microsoft MVP, and GitHub Stars awards. Erick Wendel has trained more than 100K people around the world in his own company https://erickwendel.com
An engineer with a strong passion for tech, programming, and products. Besides working hard to automate the boring parts of front-end development, he also enjoys building side projects, giving talks, and cooking.
For over fifteen years, Federico has been involved in designing and developing innovative projects and has a solid experience in mobile, cognitive, social, collaboration and analytics solutions. He is also working on Fintech ecosystem development. Today he is IBM Quantum Business Developer in IBM Research. Mattei is a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics at La Sapienza University in Rome.
Developer, speaker, 99.9% open-source code. RabbitMQ team. Codemotion Ambassador.
Gianluca has sixteen years’ background in developing, managing and breaking information systems for high-growth internet companies and software vendors. He is currently working as Principal Security Architect and Practice Lead for Google Cloud. Formerly held engineering roles at Arduino, Digital Transformation Team (Italian Government), Rocket Internet, Red Hat, Lastminute.com Group.
Giorgio Boa is a full stack developer and the front-end ecosystem is his passion. He started to develop applications in 2006 and in 2012 he falls in love with JavaScript. He is also active in open source ecosystem, he loves learn and studies new things. He is very ambitious and he tries to improve himself every day.
Hila Fish is a Senior DevOps Engineer, with 15 years of experience in the tech industry. AWS Community Builder, Hashicorp Ambassador, and an International public speaker who believes the DevOps culture is what drives a company to perform at its best and talks about that and other DevOps/Infrastructure topics at conferences.
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Lesley Cordero is currently a Staff Software Engineer at The New York Times. She has spent the majority of her career on edtech teams as an engineer, including Google for Education and other edtech startups. In her previous roles she has focused on building robust data pipelines, setting technical strategy, building excellent engineering teams & communities, and reliability management.
It's never easy to describe oneself, especially when one is interested in so many different topics and fields and I guess that says something about who I am afterall. I find it fun and entertaining to teach difficult subjects through exotic methods and stories and people seem to also have fun while I do so.
Luciano is an AWS Serverless Hero who has been professionally a software developer for more than 14 years. He is currently a senior Architect at fourTheorem where he is helping companies to get the best of the cloud. He loves the full-stack web, Node.js & Serverless and co-authored "Node.js design patterns" (https://www.nodejsdesignpatterns.com) and co-hosts https://awsbites.com
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Matteo helps organizations deliver better software, faster. He likes to make professional programming an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, for both developers and customers. The tools he uses are well known, but not that easy to apply in practice: Extreme Programming, Lean Thinking and TDD. He works for Thoughtworks Italia.
Matteo Collina, Ph.D. is the Co-Founder and CTO of Platformatic.dev, aiming to streamline backend development. He is also a JavaScript expert, open-source maintainer, and renowned international speaker. He's known for his contributions to Node.js, including the Fastify framework and Pino logger. Matteo has a Ph.D. in IoT platforms and loves sailing in the summer.
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Developer Advocate on the Ads API at Google, wrote and reviewed code for more than 10 years, both for company projects and on open-source projects. Coached kids at football for 15 years, once built an Arduino controller for his washing machine.
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Maya is Senior Software Engineer in Microsoft, working extensively with JavaScript and frontend frameworks and based in Israel. She is also a published author, international speaker and an open-source library maintainer of frontend and web projects.
Mey is a Software Engineer and an international public speaker. With six years of experience as a Backend Developer, Mey has developed in many programming languages: Nodejs, Java, Python, Groovy, and her favorite, Clojure. Today Mey is a DevOps Engineer at Forter and is currently leading the complex migration of 400+ services to Kubernetes. May the force be with you.
Miško Hevery is the CTO at Builder.io, where he is helping to empower anyone to create fast sites. Previously he worked at Google, where he created Angular, AngularJS and was co-creator of Karma. Before focusing on making the web better, he brought testing culture to Google and the world through his blog.
Nikhil Barthwal is passionate about building distributed systems. He has several years of work experience in both big companies & smaller startups and also acts as a mentor to several startups. Outside of work, he speaks at international conferences on several topics related to Distributed systems & Programming Languages. You can know more about him via his homepage www.nikhilbarthwal.com.
Passionate Software Engineer with a strong background in technology and a desire to constantly learn and grow and share.
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Tech Lead at Charles River Laboratories, Patty, originally from Venezuela and now living in Scotland, boasts 20+ years of industry experience in Computer Science and AI. In her spare time, she leads a local Code Club, serves as an Ambassador for Google Developers Group Glasgow and Women Techmakers, and passionately shares her AI knowledge through diverse workshops and lectures.
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Salvatore contributed for 20 years to open source software. He is the author of Redis.
Sara is Director for Strategy and Change for ThoughtWorks, TechOps. She works closely with the CIO to design and lead the execution of ThoughtWorks Digital Transformation. Sara is a TEDx Speaker, an advisor for the venture studio Nobody and an advocate for digital accessibility and inclusion.
I'm an experienced web developer and a passionate IT and electronics instructor. I'm specialized in frontend applications and currently I'm a lead software developer in a blockchain app development team. I spend most of my time exploring what's new in the tech world and helping other developers improve their skills.
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